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Solving Efeso
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Solving Efeso brings strategic, operations and change management capabilities in one integrated team. Since 1980 Solving Efeso offers proven methods and proprietary techniques to create a truly world class performance in strategy execution and operations with our clients. With over 450 experienced consultants representing more than 40 different nationalities the group operates from over 25 offices around the world with a strong presence in the USA, Europe.�South America and Asia.

The international scope coupled with local delivery capability ensures that clients
have access to the specialist skills they require whether at national, regional or global levels.

Key Products:

Our top service areas include:

  • WCOMTM: Creation
         of tangible and sustainable performance improvement resulting in
         operational excellence across the entire value chain  
  • Network optimisation: Establishing a strategic footprint including location and facilities (plants, distribution centres etc.)
  • Supply chain balance: Ensuring profitable balance between costs, capacity, working capital (inventory) and service level
  • Route to market and channel management: Designing and implementing distribution channels based on a comprehensive appreciation of customer value and cost to serve
  • Availability and demand management: Enabling high on shelf availability and perfect order fulfilment achieved through efficient S&OP processes
  • Corporate finance support: Providing services including due diligence, valuations, research to enable investments etc.
  • Strategy formulation and evaluation: Formulating and/or evaluating company strategies with a view to successful implementability