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Day 1 - June, 25 2015 - Thursday

Hear from the Chair of the 5th Annual American Food Manufacturing and Safety Summit. They will be outlining how the industry has changed over the last year and what they are most looking forward to at this year's event.

Manufacturing Strategies
  • This Mini-Series will provide 3 speakers the opportunity to present 3 quick-fire sessions looking at creative and significant new ways in which sustainaibility can be used to shape the future of food manufacturing

Case Study
Lean & Operational Excellence
  • Exploring how JBS meets new consumer demands globally
  • Leveraging worldwide production and distribution capabilities to optimize the global footprint
  • Highlighting best practice examples of freight strategies, KPI identification, and weekly scorecards that drive changes in supply chain performance

David Wagner
Head of International Logistics

Case Study
Safety & Quality
  • Examining foodborne pathogens, the food industry, and effects on the regulatory landscape
  • Assessing the latest news and trends associated with foodborne pathogens
  • How can we prepare for emerging threats?

Dr. Gary R. Acuff
Texas A&M; Center for Food Safety

Lean & Operational Excellence
  • Integrating Continuous Improvement in your supply chain management process
  • Harnessing new data collection and communication technologies to illuminate cold chain visibility
  • Optimizing your data flow to strengthen your bottom line
  • Tracking and monitoring assets across the supply chain to protect the integrity of temperature-sensitive products

Safety & Quality
  • Evaluating common risk management tools and their food and beverage applications
  • Examining core risk management principles
  • Leveraging flexible technology to adhere to compliance processes and execute organizational change


Benefit from additional thought leadership and networking during lunch. Join other delegates at speaker-led roundtables to discuss their presentations in more depth, share common challenges, and identify solutions to them. 

Case Study
Lean & Operational Excellence
  • Assessing where the most benefits lie in modern automation
  • Ensuring you have the right infrastructure to support your Big Data and analytics goals
  • Harnessing the knowledge of multiple suppliers to take the next step up in your automation program
  • Analyzing the ROI of the program - what's next for the initiative?

Hugh Roddy
Senior Director Global Automation Controls & Energy Management
Chobani Inc.

Case Study
Safety & Quality
  • Harnessing the true intent of a Quality Management System: How can it deliver Continuous Improvement?
  • Analyzing the three key parts of a Quality system: Management review, internal audit and corrective action
  • Assessing common challenges associated with management reviews and internal audits
  • Creating meaningful metrics to improve Management Reviews: What should you focus on?
  • Comparing the old Management Reviews with the new system

Lean & Operational Excellence
  • Fostering a culture of better water management and conservation
  • Analyzing new technologies that can help reduce the cost of treating water
  • A cut above the rest: How can you ensure best practice?

Safety & Quality
  • Creating exclusion zones to minimize the risk of contamination
  • Analyzing the ROI on conducting random testing for less common allergens
  • Benchmarking your operations against others: how can you step up?

Panel Discussion
Manufacturing Strategies
  • Successful self-inspection: How can you leverage the best practices of your internal inspections?
  • Top tips to help you prepare for an audit
  • Documentation Disasters: examining the worst examples the panel has seen - how can they be prevented?

Day 2 - June, 26 2015 - Friday
Breakfast Briefing
  • Join this interactive Breakfast Briefing to find out more about how to ensure the success of your quality program

Manufacturing Strategies
  • How is nonthermal processing changing the way food safety is ensured?
  • Examining what the D-FEND ALL technology is, it's applications and how it is "clean and green"
  • Outlining the potential uses of D-FEND ALL for both military and civilian consumer

Dr. Christopher Doona
Senior Research Chemist
U.S. Army

  • Pre-scheduled delegate to delegate meetings alongside an exclusive opportunity to meet some of the speakers from the summit

Case Study
Manufacturing Strategies
  • Every organization operates with some level of social license, the privilege of operating with minimal formalized restrictions (regulation, legislation or market based mandates) based on maintaining public trust by doing what’s right 
  • Once lost, either through a single event or a series of events that reduce or eliminate public trust, social license is replaced with social control, compelling you to perform to the expectations of your stakeholders
  • Maintaining social license is not only the right thing to do and has real economic value, it is enlightened self-interest
  • The question then becomes, what can be done to maintain public trust that grants the social license and protects freedom to operate?

Charlie Arnot
The Center for Food Integrity

Case Study
Safety & Quality
  • Exploring what retailers are doing to protect the safety of food
  • Ensuring goods aren’t damaged in transit or once in the store: How can changes be implemented to protect product appearance and quality?
  • Exploring examples of food safety in retail

Lean & Operational Excellence
  • Staying ahead of innovative manufacturing technologies
  • Examining case studies to understand how to integrate innovative technologies and practices
  • Ensuring your manufacturing process is agile and responsive to innovation

Safety & Quality
  • Analyzing the pros and cons of the latest quality management tools
  • Resolving issues that limit quality management and performance
  • Employing information systems to track and optimize quality management at every step

Case Study
Lean & Operational Excellence
  • Scaling-up to produce larger quantities faster and more efficiently using cutting-edge automation technologies
  • Integrating PC-based controls to optimize data acquisition, cost management, and time efficiency
  • Identifying disruptive technologies and mobilizing them within your own manufacturing process

Case Study
Safety & Quality
  • Injecting Continuous Improvement into your cold chain management process by collecting, interpreting, and utilizing feedback data
  • Understanding the global shipping network: Managing your cargo at every stage of the supply chain and adhering to international standards
  • Extending the shelf life of temperature-sensitive goods while improving the bottom line


Benefit from some additional networking and ask your tailored questions at one of our themed lunches hosted by our commercial partners. Places are limited, so please sign up early in the registration area. Additional seating will be provided if you would prefer to discuss other topics during lunch. Topics will be led by:

  • Sensitech

Lean & Operational Excellence
  • Reducing downtime: Minimizing the frequency and duration of production lines doing offline
  • Mitigating against resource delays that limit your maintenance capabilities
  • Making the best use of maintenance resources to drive CI programming

  • Deciphering regulatory and industry trends regarding food labeling and accountability
  • Understanding your consumers: What are your packaging needs?
  • Implementing sustainability practices to increase responsibility and reduce waste

Manufacturing Strategies


  • Transforming an unavoidable by-product of almost all production processes into a value driver for your organization
  • Demonstrating the advantage of diverting safe, edible food from the waste stream back into the community amid steep pressure to increase profitability and reduce cost
  • Examining the persuasive results of this out-of-the-box strategy for with examples from top food manufacturers


Join Feeding America and representatives from leading CPG manufacturing companies as they share specific examples of waste diversion, quantify the positive economic, environmental, and social impact they are making, and offer promising practices for you to implement in your facilities.

Karen Hanner
Managing Director, Manufacturing Product Sourcing
Feeding America

Safety & Quality
  • What should you expect if your company is being purchased or is purchasing another organization?
  • Evaluating the most important questions to ask before you begin the integration process
  • Examining the hurdles you must overcome to preserve good safety and quality practices

Brian Perry
VP Food Safety & Quality
Bay Valley Foods