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RK Environmental Services, LLC
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RK Environmental Services, LLC., setting the standards for food safety and pest management solutions. �We specialize in food safety consulting and �pest management for food processing plants and members of the food service and pharmaceutical �industries. We service both regional and national clients in the food service industry including food processing, food distribution, pharmaceutical and food establishments.

Companies feel confident that as the leading company in the industry, we have adopted a client-driven perspective and carefully identify precise needs and unique requirements. We provide a broad range of effective applications to resolve opportunities and provide our clients with the capabilities to increase productivity in their existing environment. RK Environmental offers a customized and unique service by individualizing programs to meet all aspects of your pest management and food safety and sanitation needs with proven results.

As your food safety partner, RK Environmental maintains the absolute highest standards for pest management and food safety. Bearing in mind the different requirements for food industry specialists such as processors and distributors, we design a custom plan to suit your individual business - always operating at the highest level of service to exceed requirements.

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