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Joplin Regional Partnership
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The Joplin Regional Partnership is a regional economic development organization representing a 7 county region in SW MO, SE KS, & NE OK. �This is an ideal region for food processing and �already home to a number of companies in both human and animal products.� �Our central North American location provides efficient access to raw materials and key ingredients.� The transportation network of interstates, rail, port, & air provides easy serve to key customers.� Our capable and productive food processing workforce, cost-effective business climate, and a high quality of life make the region a great place for production and distribution.��

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We provide services to help a business relocate or expand it's facility. Services include identifying available sites & buildings, demographic information including workforce information, identifying potential incentives, and any other service that is needed to facilitate a smooth, seamless process. We serve as a one stop shop for your relocation or expansion needs