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FPS Food Process Solutions Corporation
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FPS Food Process Solutions is a global leader in industrial food process freezing and chilling equipment manufacturing. We provide the most hygienic designs in spiral freezers/chillers, IQF tunnels and impingement tunnels incorporated with our CIP systems. We believe in providing customers with more than just a product, we listen to our customers and incorporate their feedback and unique requirements into their equipment design.
Key Products:
FPS supplies inline industrial food process freezing equipment. Our spiral freezers and chillers are designed at the highest sanitary standards with fully welded stainless steel insulated enclosures, sequential hot gas defrost and external motor design. Our line of tunnel freezers and chillers include our patent pending PulseFlow IQF tunnel, impingement chillers/freezers, multi-pass tunnels and contact freezers. Our tunnels have the similar hygienic designs with fully welded stainless steel insulated enclosures and external motors. We have a recirculating CIP system for thorough consistent cleaning of the freezers and chillers. We also offer retrofit services of existing freezing equipment.