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CPM Wolverine Proctor
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CPM Wolverine Proctor, a global leader in the design and manufacture of energy efficient and ultra sanitary design food processing equipment.

Our line of equipment includes:� �Conveyor Dryers (multi stage �&� multiple conveyor), Roasters, Toasters, Coolers, Jetzone Fluid Bed Dryers/Puffers/Toasters/Coolers, Impingement Ovens (Jet-Tube or Parajet Nozzle design), Rotary Batch Cookers, Belt Grills, Flaking Mills, Shredding & Forming Systems, Batch Nut Roasters, and infrared Pizza Fuser/Melters for the processing of:�� fruits, vegetables, nuts, ready-to-eat breakfast foods, snack foods, baked goods, pet foods and many more.

Key Products:

NEW Ultra Sanitary Design Conveyor Dryer takes sanitary design to a whole new level.

In addition to our engineering and manufacturing expertise our tech center features continuous and batch testing, as well as the ability to simulate pre and post processing steps. We also offer the flexibility of an on-site analytical lab.

Rebuild programs and replacement parts are components of our worldwide customer service. We also offer preventive maintenance packages and system/process audits, as well as training programs and inventory assessments.